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George dont do that again

A tribute to the late great Joyce Grenfell, the true mistress of the monologue George don’t do that again is my version of Joyce but 2013


voices from a flanders field 1415 not 1915

tsnunami of the soul

true story about terror and tenderness

a riddle

dont read the last line if you can guess the answer


a story about the relationship between a boy and his grandfather

The experiment

A short post Christmas Horror story. I dont know whether I found it in some yellowed book or whether it was a bad dream. It tells the grisly story of an executed criminal .With apologies to Mary Shelley .

The warrior

I have tried to represent what it was like, when my son suffered Encephalitis (swelling of the brain) almost all the story is absolutely true, apart from the fantasy opening ,but there is a skull in the science museum exactly … Continue reading