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Asleep on Duty

World War One. When a young soldier discovers the secret an officer will do anything to protect, his life becomes more at risk behind lines than on the battlefield.

A Helping Hand

Attempting to escape a bungled robbery in 1950′s England, a thief gets more help than he bargains for.

The Familiar Stranger

When evidence linking one man to a number of historical disasters vanishes, a young journalist decides to write her version of the truth.

The Sleeper

An assassin struggles with memories of his past and a choice he’s forced to make.

Keeper of the Causeway Light

As a storm blows in and the sea rages a lighthouse keeper realises he might not be alone.

The Flag

An old man dies with a secret his family ensure is buried with him.

Palm Trees and Sopwith Camels

Irene Bradley: a guest house and two unlucky husbands.

The Hangman’s Choice

A moment of cowardice leads to an executioner regretting the moment he failed to save a young boy’s life.

Keeping Watch

A boy’s mysterious disappearance at sea leads his father into trying to discover the secret of a remote cove.

The Other Side of the Coin

A small boy is forced to play a deadly game of survival amongst the life and death of a second world war concentration camp.