Asleep on Duty

World War One. When a young soldier discovers the secret an officer will do anything to protect, his life becomes more at risk behind lines than on the battlefield.

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About the author - baz

3 Responses to Asleep on Duty

  1. Rocklobster says:

    Excellent short story.

  2. TheMadWomanInTheAttic says:

    Very atmospheric, and very well-written. My only comment is that I would have liked to have known who fired the bullet and why – was it someone who just wanted to save Ambrose, or take revenge for all the others?

    But apart from that, it’s great. Well done!

    • baz says:

      Thanks for your kind comments. In answer to your question, it was a German sniper firing from an enemy position. P.S. I love your user name, it conjures up great images!

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