“Let’s sit down,” said Sonia. “It’s quite dry here.”

The sand stretched away before them, smooth and grey, to a grimy sea flecked with white. Out on the Atlantic there was a storm. They sat and watched a red flag flapping in the wind at the water’s edge.


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About the author - dave_walsh

5 Responses to Coins

  1. Rocklobster says:

    Excellent, I was six again reading that.

  2. Mr.Badger says:

    Nice one,very nostalgic.

  3. Finknottle says:

    Poignant. Like the description of the beach

  4. carolholdings53 says:

    A lovely example of how buried memories rise to the forefront when least expected, and the magic of youth and innocence

  5. Janet_Ellenberger says:

    Conjoures up a real feeling of childhood. Excellent

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