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Dreams of the brave

the struggles of the highlanders of Scotland, seen through the eyes of a teenager who loves his country

Dream weaver

Love looks after its self in dreams

small white envelope

a man receives a surpise in the form of a small white envelope

Tudor Rebel

Historical short story, a young girl resists her place in life.

The Hive Mind

Science fiction story, where is social media taking us? In the future could our lives depend on it?

The Mistress

Sarah emptied the basin into the sink. The dishwater gurgled away, stranding a floppy tube of overcooked pasta beside the plughole.


Short flash fiction, no one gets caught playing truant for one day do they?

E-Business Paradigms

Leverage supply-chains, Grow e-business paradigms.

The Smell of Deceit

You know a true friend would tell you if you smelt!

It’s not fair

Life is not fair, but surely death is.

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