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The Gnome

Molly & Polly change a young man’s life

A Gentleman’s Club

Worsley rubbed his forehead. “I’m afraid it’s not quite that simple, Mr. Sands.” Mr. Sands puffed on his cigar, and blew out some small clouds of smoke. “How so?” “Well…” said Worsley.

In a Travel Tavern

He switched the lamp off. He lay down on the cold sheets, but sleep never came.

On a Mobile Phone

Lungs of tar, head of stone, disgorging facts in monotone.

Super Serum

“Well,” said the Minister. “Thank you very much for the demonstration.” “Not at all,” said Dr. Kozlov. “I’m glad the department are taking such an interest.” Leonid, the Minister’s aide, coughed and checked his watch. “Very interesting,” said General Dynkin. … Continue reading

An Eyewitness

“So when was the last time you saw this man?” The constable stood at the desk, with his pen poised over a sheet of paper. “Oh, I don’t know…” said Mrs Woodcock. “Let me see, let me see… it was … Continue reading


He coughs. Recites words they can’t follow. Drools over bankrolls and businesses.


“Alright” said Anthony. Sean nodded. “Alright.” Ahead of them lay the office complex. It sprawled over what used to be a stretch of marshland, encircled by motorways. The grey glass glinted orange in the sunset. “What’s the point of wearing … Continue reading

Is Anyone There?

There are coincidences everywhere. Even in the story you’re reading right now, but I’ll explain more about that later.


We follow the track just to breathe the scent of fruit

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