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Was Peter going insane? Why did nobody want to talk to him about Rachel?

Greasy Spoon

The cafe spilled orange light onto the wet pavement, and the air was thick with car fumes and fried onions.

A Taste of Ill-Fortune

What if the message in a fortune cookie turned out to be true?

Winning Combination

A short poem about writing

Cockleshell Hero

An idyllic day on the Lancashire beaches turns into a nightmare for a young family

The Secrets that you Keep

A young woman discovers that the grandfather she adored as a child might not be quite what she thought him to be

Bedtime Monsters

A tale of sibling rivalry that continues well into adult life

A Spate of So-Called Accidents

Mrs Chambers slowly stirred her tea, the silver spoon ringing against the fine bone china. “More cake?” asked Miss Myrtle. “Oh, yes please,” said Mrs. Chambers. “It’s absolutely divine.” Miss Myrtle smiled.

The World Wanted You More

Halfway between love And misery Between infatuation And bliss Amongst the green tides

Outside the Garden of Eden

She had a Vegas stare, and all the avenues of her head are carved to look like Marilyn Monroe.

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