The narrator is visiting his uncle, Nico, a Greek farmer who has returned to the family land and is struggling to cope. Itinerant Romanian laborers stop to ask for work, and despite his reservations and prejudice Nico is slowly won over and a fruitful relationship develops, despite the reservations of the nephew. A story about overcoming prejudice.

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About the author - valentinewilliams

I am a writer and poet presently living in Shropshire. See my website for details of my publications
I've had a varied career and it was an MA that spurred me on to write, so now that's what I do, mostly. I run workshops, give readings and do freelance writing assignments. I'm a member of the wonderful Keele Poets at Silverdale, and I take part in local writing events.
I live with my first and only husband in a dilapidated cottage with a well under the floor and try to stop the garden getting into the house, and failing, as the slug trails in the hall will testify.

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    Enjoyable to read

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