a coming of age story about a boy reaching his 13th birthday

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About the author - audimaserati

anarchodadaist and profesor of shade avoidanc and skylarking at the wholly imagined paradoxical dada institute of disembodied poetics (no I don't now what that means either) poet and painter and almost too handsome to look at full in the face

12 Responses to TOM SCONE

  1. Rocklobster says:

    I really like this style of writing – a definite 5 rating from me.

  2. pilfred says:

    Enjoyed that!

  3. audimaserati says:

    thanks very much for your kind comments. I have changed the title of this story to THE 13TH BIRTHDAY OF TOM SCONE(which is part of a collection 8 short stories of which I’ve done the 2nd drafts and im allowing them to “cook” for a while before carrying on.Just finished 2nd draft of The ceribal adventures of Doctor Crackpot and the sartoraly gifted eel,10 prose works, which as you may imagine are a tich dada.Now I can start readingother peoples work which I am looking forward to. I woukld be greatly interested in hearing about how other people work but am unsure that this is the forum for that ( is my comment too long ferinstance)sic

  4. samuel31 says:

    Top marks from me – very good.

  5. Caroline_Abbot says:

    Lovely story, really enjoyed reading that.

  6. Mr.Badger says:

    Love it. Excellent read.

  7. Wensleydale says:

    I love this story. It was almost too good to read with both eyes at the same time.

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