Short flash fiction, no one gets caught playing truant for one day do they?

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About the author - WriterBusinessWoman

Charlotte Comley is a mother, wife, ex teacher, creative writing group organiser and now self employed. To the outside world she devotes her time to helping with homework, raising her husbands self esteem and trying to earn a crust. But in those brief moments of alone time she writes and dreams of seeing her work on a book shop shelf. Her fiction has been published by Ether Books, Darwin Evolutions, Flash Flood and 1000 words. Non fiction work has appeared in magazines such as The Green Parent, Take a Break, Woman's Weekly, The Motion Online and Grow It.

Charlotte Comley was one of the writers and script editors of Express FM Conway Street, a radio soap airing three times a week. She has also managed to win the odd writing award and came highly commended at The Winchester's Writing Conference competition for children's fiction. She regularly blogs at In 2012 she read at The Umbrella Festival at The Groundlings Theatre, came third place at Alton's Book Festival The Pint Pot of Fire, at Wordsouth Havant and of course in the Portsmouth Book Fest 20 x 12.

5 Responses to Yeah

  1. pilfred says:

    Yeah! very good.

  2. Mr.Badger says:

    Good one – I liked that

  3. Ellis says:

    Ha! I didn’t expect that! :)

  4. jecom says:

    Loved this story

  5. Sicom says:

    Excellent example of flash fiction

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