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Every Night Before Bed

Poem based around the relationship between a mother and a daughter

The Quest for the Labyrinth of Whispers

We arrived at the outskirts of the Woods of Solitude,

a pointless song

this is one of those poems that provides a useful break from having to pay undivided attention to a work… a dash off… that sometimes work and sometimes don’t

A Scarecrow

I drink all day, count spiders at night. But I don’t complain. I keep my nose clean. I drink. I’m drunk. It’s a wonderful life all right.

Greasy Spoon

The cafe spilled orange light onto the wet pavement, and the air was thick with car fumes and fried onions.

Winning Combination

A short poem about writing

The World Wanted You More

Halfway between love And misery Between infatuation And bliss Amongst the green tides

Outside the Garden of Eden

She had a Vegas stare, and all the avenues of her head are carved to look like Marilyn Monroe.

Little Red Farm

I’ve spent so much time Underground Propping up pillars Of wood and ivory


The hands have to move themselves. Only muscle memory evades the censor.

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