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Neglected Ukulele

I may be shut away in a case, But I can hear people talk.

Overheard in a Supermarket

Of course, A Palestinian Wouldn’t call this hummus.  

An Old House

We moved into a house with a musty smell. It was full of dust, old memories, and abandoned toys as well.    

The Panama Club

Sugar dances at The Panama Club

A Blackbird’s Song

We took the path to the higher ground, To a lonely hilltop strewn with stone.

Accidental Journey

I fell asleep on a bus, and when I woke up I found I’d travelled back in time, to the Eighties.

The Silent Pack

Some time ago I mentioned That young girl with her friend, I thought her well-intentioned, And she had set a trend.  

Sunny Green

And there, upon the sunny green, They think that they are doing things That grown-ups from those self-same rings Have never done, or ever seen. And here will this illusion grow, And keep them to their secrecy, To never tell … Continue reading

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