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Cooking with H.P. Lovecraft

This is a recipe written in the style of a horror story, more like Slash Fiction than Flash Fiction. The best description might be comedy/horror. I would advise not to try cooking this at home.


Kevin’s mobile vibrated in his pocket. It was a text from Julie. It said, “Have you spoken to her yet?” He looked across the room at Nan. She was hunched over in her armchair watching him, her head resting on … Continue reading


Clare’s mum tiptoed around the table, and squeezed Tony’s shoulder as she passed. Everyone had closed their eyes. Tony half closed his. “Now we welcome Tony into our church,” said Clare’s dad, “and we ask that the spirit leads him … Continue reading

A Fancy Dress Party

“Oh, no… It would be too complicated. It’s just, you know… ” Her eyes were open wide. She had a look on her face like she’d just witnessed an accident. “It’s ok,” I said. “Don’t worry about it.” But I … Continue reading


“Let’s sit down,” said Sonia. “It’s quite dry here.” The sand stretched away before them, smooth and grey, to a grimy sea flecked with white. Out on the Atlantic there was a storm. They sat and watched a red flag … Continue reading

The Gate

It was near sunset when we finished chopping the wood. The old tree had come down in the summer, but now the days were getting shorter it was time to start laying down a stock for the fire. While I … Continue reading

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