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Clickity Clack, Clackity Click

A son struggling to reunite with his father

Marlene Wainwright

The final part in a trilogy of short stories: The odds were stacked against this…

Rachael Maynard

The second in a trilogy of short stories: Bookmakers aren’t stupid, therefore you have to be stupid to place a bet, and that’s odds-on!

Marigold Sky

I didn’t care that England’s new Prince wasn’t a Windsor. I didn’t care that I would be on the next purge list. I just wanted to walk by the track

The Last Lecture

This is the first in a trilogy of short stories: On BBC HARDtalk 28th March 2013, Daniel Dennet, philosopher & cognitive scientist tells Stephen Sacker that religion is like “the common cold” and that humans need to be cured of … Continue reading

Future Lessons

Michael was late for school again. He hurried across the bridge, over a river thick with green algae, and past the old library. Then he took a short cut across the old railway line, even though he’d been told not … Continue reading

The Red Bear

A short story about two lovers, a sofa and numerous bungee chords.

Fighting Over Scraps

“Sorry,” said Jonathan. “I think I was getting a bit cranky because I was hungry.”


a story about the relationship between a boy and his grandfather

Running Away from Butlins

Wanting to escape from her weekend trip to Butlins, a young women ventures out onto the beaches of Minehead to see what she can find.

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