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The Flag

An old man dies with a secret his family ensure is buried with him.

Palm Trees and Sopwith Camels

Irene Bradley: a guest house and two unlucky husbands.

The Hangman’s Choice

A moment of cowardice leads to an executioner regretting the moment he failed to save a young boy’s life.

Keeping Watch

A boy’s mysterious disappearance at sea leads his father into trying to discover the secret of a remote cove.

The Other Side of the Coin

A small boy is forced to play a deadly game of survival amongst the life and death of a second world war concentration camp.

The experiment

A short post Christmas Horror story. I dont know whether I found it in some yellowed book or whether it was a bad dream. It tells the grisly story of an executed criminal .With apologies to Mary Shelley .

The warrior

I have tried to represent what it was like, when my son suffered Encephalitis (swelling of the brain) almost all the story is absolutely true, apart from the fantasy opening ,but there is a skull in the science museum exactly … Continue reading


The narrator is visiting his uncle, Nico, a Greek farmer who has returned to the family land and is struggling to cope. Itinerant Romanian laborers stop to ask for work, and despite his reservations and prejudice Nico is slowly won … Continue reading

Why Does it Have to Happen to Me?

A thirteen year old girl writing about her parents and their seperation.


Short (c. 800 word) depiction of an incident where a recently-widowed young mother, on a beach with her toddler and baby, suffers a panic attack.

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