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The Other Side of the Door

My story is in dual narrative following the tale of a mother and a daughter. In my story the two characters have never met but their stories connect. For most of the story the reader will assume that the two … Continue reading

A Brother’s Request

A story of a final meeting between old friends who have become estranged adversaries. Betrayal and the impact of life on human character / nature. The stupid futility before the inevitable.

A Candle for Christmas

A gently spooky moment when the past intrudes into a new homeowners life. The house holds a memory that it wants to share with the new owners, presenting it as Christmas approaches. I can’t say more without spoiling the plot.

‘I need a Corkscrew’!

The story relates to a period when the ‘landed gentry’ had begun to find it difficult to maintain former glories. A grand Country house, his Lordship throwsa dinner prty and there are tragic consequencs, linked to a long dead ancestor.

Let’s Do it

A wartime bomb shelter brings back many memories

So This is Christmas

Christmas – a time for giving for some, a time for taking for others


Was Peter going insane? Why did nobody want to talk to him about Rachel?

A Taste of Ill-Fortune

What if the message in a fortune cookie turned out to be true?

Cockleshell Hero

An idyllic day on the Lancashire beaches turns into a nightmare for a young family

The Secrets that you Keep

A young woman discovers that the grandfather she adored as a child might not be quite what she thought him to be

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