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Bedtime Monsters

A tale of sibling rivalry that continues well into adult life

A Spate of So-Called Accidents

Mrs Chambers slowly stirred her tea, the silver spoon ringing against the fine bone china. “More cake?” asked Miss Myrtle. “Oh, yes please,” said Mrs. Chambers. “It’s absolutely divine.” Miss Myrtle smiled.


a coming of age story about a boy reaching his 13th birthday

Josie the spy

an ordinary member of the public receives a special request

Battle Scars

True stories are the best.


soldier departs Hvanat station leaving behind his only ever love

small white envelope

a man receives a surpise in the form of a small white envelope

Tudor Rebel

Historical short story, a young girl resists her place in life.

The Hive Mind

Science fiction story, where is social media taking us? In the future could our lives depend on it?

The Mistress

Sarah emptied the basin into the sink. The dishwater gurgled away, stranding a floppy tube of overcooked pasta beside the plughole.

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