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Short flash fiction, no one gets caught playing truant for one day do they?

The Smell of Deceit

You know a true friend would tell you if you smelt!

It’s not fair

Life is not fair, but surely death is.

Pretty Feet

Short flash fiction, there is a way to stand up to bullies, find something you are proud of that they can’t take away.

Little Surprises

Short flash fiction, no one likes bumping into an ex, especially when pushing a pram.


Short flash fiction, love thy neighbour is what friends do.

Danger Deep Hole

Short flash fiction, what attracts us to dangerous places?

Minister, Minion, Assassin, Spy

He threatened to tell. He had to die

The Shop of Lost Things

Ayoung girl singer comes home and finds an unusual shop which changes her future.

Beverly and Bulbs

A love story about a man who knows his wife very well…

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