Top 10 Rated

Here are the Top 10 Rated pieces of work. After fifteen or more votes if an individual piece has an average score of +4 or more it is then sent for publishing.

Showing the top 10 stories with a minimum of 4 votes.

Little Surprises

Short flash fiction, no one likes bumping into an ex, especially when pushing a pram.

The Familiar Stranger

When evidence linking one man to a number of historical disasters vanishes, a young journalist decides to write her version of the truth.


a coming of age story about a boy reaching his 13th birthday

The Hive Mind

Science fiction story, where is social media taking us? In the future could our lives depend on it?

Asleep on Duty

World War One. When a young soldier discovers the secret an officer will do anything to protect, his life becomes more at risk behind lines than on the battlefield.

Cooking with H.P. Lovecraft

This is a recipe written in the style of a horror story, more like Slash Fiction than Flash Fiction. The best description might be comedy/horror. I would advise not to try cooking this at home.


Short flash fiction, no one gets caught playing truant for one day do they?

The Red Bear

A short story about two lovers, a sofa and numerous bungee chords.

The Flag

An old man dies with a secret his family ensure is buried with him.

Outside the Garden of Eden

She had a Vegas stare, and all the avenues of her head are carved to look like Marilyn Monroe.